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  1. Peter Blue - Bird Rescuer Peter Blue often has to rescue birds caught in his stairwell

  2. Quotations - Inspiring Sayings Some useful Sayings from great people from years past

  3. ZOPA - P2P Finance Zopa is an online finance peer-to-peer lending company based in London, UK.

  4. Fast access to funding How to get fast funding and grants

  5. Blacklist Blacklist TV program. A man on the FBI's most wanted list gives himself up and provides the FBI unprecedented access to the criminal underworld. Many accidents are revealed to be highly sophisticated hits.

  6. Helen Adams - Painter Freelance Textile Designer and Painter

  7. John D Wood - Real-Estate in Canary Islands SE UK based real-estate consultant

  8. Jokes from around the planet Jokes from around the planet

  9. Victoria Salem - TGN Fondateur CEO of The Golden Network social network for people in London

  10. Quotes & Jokes - Inspiring Quotes #2 Some brilliant One-liners from great people from our yester-years

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